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In fairness I think he then maybe thought better of it and covered his parts up," the partygoer added.
The Michigan House of Representatives thought better of the religious exemption after seeing how upset it made people and passed an amended measure that doesn't include it.
The poll, commissioned by the Prison Reform Trust, showed that when offered a range of measures to prevent crime and disorder, most people (84 per cent) thought better supervision of young people by parents would be effective.
Bobby Jindal and Indiana Congressman Mike Pence have toyed with the idea of running--even visiting New Hampshire--but thought better of it.
I asked my friend, "How would you say 'remix' in Yiddish?" Being wise, he thought better than to come up with a new word; he thought better than to reply with some snazzy neologism, some antiquated-sounding yet entirely newly created term, some ersatz steampunk Yiddish.
But it seems he has now thought better of following in the footsteps of Bucks Fizz and Daz Sampson because the BBC have confirmed he is no longer due to take part.."
The other two passengers who had traveled with us since Phoenix had thought better of pushing their luck and gotten off at Flagstaff.
The rueful Aston dealer explained that the speculators who put down deposits and created the waiting-list have thought better of it and cancelled their orders.
YOU WOULD THINK THE OVERLY-EFFICIENT MARKETING/ legal/public relations/athlete development departments over at the swoosh Nike SB would have thought better of co-opting a Minor Threat record cover to promote an East Coast demo tour.
We started to track it, but I thought better of it in the waning light and decided to wait for the morning.
It's even better when the Brits do well, with only the Germans being thought better behind the wheel.
Weeks later, he thought better of it and ordered $5 million in what was called "emergency aid" to the military-dominated junta.