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THOUGHT. The operation of the mind. No one can be punished for his mere thoughts however wicked they may be. Human laws cannot reach them, first, because they are unknown; and, secondly, unless made manifest by some action, they are not injurious to any one; but when they manifest themselves, then the act, which is the consequence, may be punished. Dig. 50 16, 225.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The components of the phase-II started from third session included specific techniques related to OCD such as, Thought Stopping; Exposure with Response Prevention; Flooding and Satiation.
Thought stopping. One technique for developing humor is, first of all, to be conscious of any time that you begin to become upset or angry because of a relatively trivial occurrence.
A very simple 'thought stopping' technique should be utilised here where as soon as you think 'I'm going to fail!' you imagine a huge stop sign or even a red light before that negative thought invades.
Mr Graham said Mercer thought stopping his unemployment benefit claim meant other benefits would be stopped automatically.
"She wanted to stop but thought stopping would only lead to her being detected."
This second cognitive step led to the concept of thought stopping. Thought stopping is a method in which the patient induces the thought that is so distressful and is then taught how to stop it.
This often involves thought stopping in which adolescents learn to interrupt self-defeating cognitions (Webb, 1993).

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