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That question remains thought-provokingly unanswered.
In other words, while a distinct Judeo-Hispanic ethos is apparent in the Middle Ages--Abraham Joshua Heschel discusses it thought-provokingly in essays and, in passing, in his biography of Maimonides--its role in modernity is that of an addition, not that of a main course.
In the beginning was the Word', as St John thought-provokingly says, and so it will remain until some clever man in the West of America discovers a way to communicate thoughts direct from your skull to mine without using the tiresome formula of subject-verb-object.
van Romondt can lay claim to having planned and supervised the reconstruction of several important sections of the complex--the former e mphasizing aspects of ornamentation and embellishment that still await study, the latter exploring the technical difficulties encountered in the original erection before going on thought-provokingly to consider how they were overcome.