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To the thoughtful mind there will be no tinge of superstition in what we figuratively express, by affirming that the ghost of a dead progenitor--perhaps as a portion of his own punishment--is often doomed to become the Evil Genius of his family.
Adam Ladd wended his way to the principal's office in a thoughtful mood.
Such a very kind attentionand so thoughtful an attention
After her entrance, Colonel Brandon became more thoughtful and silent than he had been before, and Mrs.
He was a cheerful man, poor soul; and thoughtful of us, too: he never came in and stared at meal-times; the rest of 'em help us, and scold us -- all he ever said was, better luck next time.
Yes, dearest Charles," with her hands on his breast, and the inquiring and attentive expression fixed upon him; "we are rather thoughtful to-night, for we have something on our mind to-night.
I, for my part, was thoughtful too; for, how best to check this growing change in Joe, was a great perplexity to my remorseful thoughts.
repeated the Mouse, 'they are such curious names; they make me very thoughtful.
Do you know, I cannot bear to see a child look thoughtful.
More the thoughtful and imaginative boy might have mused; but now a large yellow cat, a great favorite with all the children, leaped in at the open window.
His mother was an affectionate and thoughtful woman, and felt that it was wisest not to discourage the generous hopes of her little boy.
Thoughtful has desired me to ask for it half a dozen times; I dare say it has escaped you that you are quite a twelvemonth in arrear.