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She is often referred to as the mother of our democracy, but to me, she was primarily a loving, thoughtful, humble and gracious aunt,' Senator Aquino said in a statement.
The reason remains unknown at this time, but according to a representative for the actress, the pair has ended their relationship "after thoughtful consideration".
This is concept on which is based the work from opportunities provided by Thoughtful Minds.
The thoughtful leader is someone who simultaneously, consistently and coherently manages, directs and engages their followers.
The stage played an important role in highlighting and resolving social issues with correction of society through humor, thoughtful and artistic expressions, PNCA official said.
A statement read: "Nicky was the most thoughtful and considerate person, who had a real positive, fun-loving attitude to life.
com)-- With 4th quarter well underway, this is prime time for corporate gift giving, and Chicago-based Thoughtful Presence is well-prepared with a variety of premium gift baskets and specialty gift items.
Headteacher Liam Collins said: "He was a popular and thoughtful student, who will be greatly missed.
How thoughtful of him to spend his hard-earned cash in foreign parts.
I'M friendly with individuals involved with both Better Together and the Yes campaign, so I know there are intelligent, thoughtful people on both sides of this question.
In our story on gift-giving, you'll learn that it's not important to find a perfect gift - it's the thoughtful one that counts.
It was warm and out of the wind and if one day they couldn''t think what to do next they would go off to their Thoughtful Spot where they could think.