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Farhatullah Babar said that the manner of appointment was whimsical, non-transparent, thoughtless and typical of the PML-N's style; 'medieval governance driven by sublime non-sense at public expense'.
He added: "I think we got it all out but the scar in the sand will remain as a testament to just how ignorant and thoughtless some people can be.
Be With You - Thoughtless Reality' is available also in Kindle format.
The visit to Crimea of a politician, who used to serve as prime minister, is an extremely thoughtless move, which is deeply regretful," Suga said at a press conference in Tokyo.
Frustrated at the lack of action, councillors hope the new bill - which has been passed on to Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi for referral to the Cabinet - will give the police and municipal inspectors new powers to deal with thoughtless honkers.
Sergeant Mick Quinn of Northumbria Police said: "The people who stole these flowers will have been well aware they were to be used for a wedding, and to steal them is completely heartless and thoughtless.
I accept responsibility for and regret my thoughtless, insensitive, immature, stupid and childish choices that I made on September 19, 2010 and September 21, 2010," Ravi said in his statement.
She has unconditional love for these animals, who in the first place were neglected and abandoned by thoughtless people.
Also her comment about cigarettes, I find that patients are the culprits here most of the time, and as for the parking, this is the results of thoughtless drivers.
The thoughtless remarks of the UAE foreign minister lacked the minimum required diplomatic principles and in case such statements are repeated, we will impose economic sanctions against the UAE," member of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Zohreh Elahian warned on Monday.
Teachers and teacher-librarians have a duty of care to make students aware of the potentially devastating effects of thoughtless, inappropriate or malicious online behaviour, and to guide them into making wise choices when interacting in a digital world.