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THOUGHT. The operation of the mind. No one can be punished for his mere thoughts however wicked they may be. Human laws cannot reach them, first, because they are unknown; and, secondly, unless made manifest by some action, they are not injurious to any one; but when they manifest themselves, then the act, which is the consequence, may be punished. Dig. 50 16, 225.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mr Hammond did not say this when he wanted the 'noisy, vulgar, thoughtless' people's votes.
'This exclusivity is not a 'thoughtless and senseless' provision in our Constitution as President Rodrigo Duterte has unfortunately characterized,' Carpio said at the recognition day of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of the Philippines - Diliman.
Carpio made the statement in response to Duterte who called this provision under Section 2, Article XII of the Constitution as "a provision for the thoughtless and senseless" since it cannot be used in telling China to keep out of Philippine territorial waters.
But wealthy Victorians descended for picnics equipped with mallet and hammer to chip chunks off in acts of thoughtless vandalism.
Officers have also warned thoughtless dog owners that it's an offence to leave dog mess.
Given there is a terrible mess in the transport system in the city, it cannot be solved by thoughtless edicts.
'Justice is blind but never thoughtless. 12 people were burnt to ashes.
And the dog's owner, 58-year-old Pete Greasley, isn't happy with the "thoughtless" actions of those littering that left his dog needing surgery.
Farhatullah Babar said that the manner of appointment was whimsical, non-transparent, thoughtless and typical of the PML-N's style; 'medieval governance driven by sublime non-sense at public expense'.
The only solution to this thoughtless parking would be make to these busy roads red routes where on-street parking is banned.
(TAP) - China's foreign ministry on Thursday criticised what it called the "thoughtless remarks" of the European Union, after the bloc introduced new rules to guard against excessively cheap imports and singled out China as a distorted state-run economy.
It might help if commentator, critic and columnist alike stopped treating studio sitcom with such thoughtless contempt Comedian Ben Elton fears for the future of the TV sitcom Create a garden that is rich in plants, allow a little gentle disorder, and enjoy the privilege of hosting a vibrant and diverse bee population TV gardener Monty Don