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Commenting on 3:7-11, however, Thrall points out that the contrast in these verses is most naturally read as being `between non-Christian Judaism and Christianity (both Jewish and Gentile)' (p.
The rate of disease spread also affects the likelihood of coexistence in ecological models (Alexander and Antonovics 1988, Antonovics 1992, 1994, Thrall et al.
In a region predictably in thrall to the vernacular cheesiness of the ranch style bungalow, Joy's houses have a searing clarity of conception and execution that extends the Modernist tradition of entering into a dialogue with nature and responding to the nuances of place.
Kody Thrall ran in the two-point conversion to put the Vikings ahead 14-7.
Canadians sat by and watched, embarrassed yet again by a Liberal Government so in thrall to its innate, visceral anti-Americanism that its response--when finally it came--seemed tepid by comparison to Prime Minister Martin's bluster after the recent Asian tsunami disaster.
JAPAN is in thrall to a new equine hero after Deep Impact took his unbeaten record to four with a spectacular performance in yesterday's Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2,000 Guineas) at Nakayama, writes Nicholas Godfrey.
On Oguri's watch, life's minutiae become the infinite: He gently cradles a water-filled pouch to his chest, this beating heart an echo of a body in thrall.
Anderson, believes that Bashir and Saddam held each other in mutual thrall, Saddam drawn to Bashir's artistic vision and Bashir to Saddam's ruthless use of power.
To its credit, Higgs's show never seemed in thrall of Knowles's difference.
But this fascinating book will attract all who like pulsating historical fiction: the breathtaking plot twists and the relentless suspense will hold the reader in thrall.
Directed by Francis Girod, Transfixed is a psychological thriller about a trans-sexual cabaret performer and part-time prostitute named Bo (Stevenin), who's in thrall to an exceedingly rough piece of trade named Johnny (Stephane Metzger).