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"In the next generation, there's only one family member who's working for one of the operating companies," Thrall says.
"I wish to thank Mike for his many contributions to Nazdar and Thrall Enterprises," Jeff Thrall, CEO of Thrall Enterprises, parent company of Nazdar, said.
Our fourth generation is bound to live under the dark and obnoxious shadow of Indian thrall. Our kids are living under the threat of forced armed occupation with its all repercussions,' he said.
"Our growth in Ohio and West Virginia will provide us the opportunity to serve new customers and build lasting relationships with local communities along the lines," said Rob Thrall, vice president of business development for Watco Cos.
Thrall, manager of the Taylor Water Tube Boiler Company, who agreed to get involved in the project if Waterman would supply the motorcycle engine.
Matt Thrall, Left Hand director of brewing, reports the brand is brewed with 650 pounds of custom Hard Wired coffee per batch.
TEHRAN (FNA)- In a punchy analysis for Washington-based foreign affairs magazine The National Interest, Cato Institute senior fellow Trevor Thrall explains why it's high time for the United States to cut its losses in Afghanistan, and why the false assumptions of the Obama administration have prevented it from doing so.
Since 2004, GSI has been a part of Thrall Enterprises, a family-owned holding company with corporate offices in Chicago.
That's not to mention a lengthy solo career including the classic Hughes Thrall release and cameos with UK dance act KLF where he earned the accolade The Voice Of Rock on their What Time Is Love smash hit.
When he gives self-made millionaire Michelle Mone a job helping disadvantaged youngsters set up their own companies, it's not roaring we hear - but sneering that she got the job because Cameron's in thrall to "brassy women" who have got him so mesmerised he can't think straight.
After revealing their wacky back story - they sought to serve bad guys through history, from T-Rex to Napoleon - the story sees the minions in London during the swinging sixties, in thrall to supervillain Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock) and her evil plan to steal the crown jewels.