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Thrash said that he plans to file lawsuits against other food producers, but declined to name the companies.
There's still some element of thrash in there but I think he prefers to sing actual notes and melodies so people are able to tell what he's saying.
Their own music is heavily influenced by 80s hardcore and thrash, obviously, and the seven songs on their incendiary debut album "Full Chill" cover subjects ranging from computer games to 80s horror films to skateboarding to partying.
A native of Griffin, Mississippi, Dox Thrash (1893-1965) left the South to pursue a career in art.
Whenever we play England, we want to thrash them and they want to thrash us," she said.
The residents had asked Thrash to issue a restraining order to prevent the event from taking place.
punk combo's songs is easy to miss, because the thrash 'n' burn sound and Mike Ness' flagellant vocals--he might as well have "Born to Lose" tattooed on the insider of his throat--are so utterly generic.
Houston philanthropist and co-founder of PaperCITY magazine Becca Cason Thrash and global CEO/Chairman of Hill & Knowlton Paul Taaffe will headline as keynotes.
Rather than admonishing his personal guards for passing lewd remarks at a woman, the PDP leader and minister asked his guards the thrash the senior journalist when he protested against their act.
The historic St Mary's Episcopal Church in Enterprise was the ideal location for the vintage wedding of Jessica Lindsey Thrash and Talbert Michael Goldman.
In the third match Rohi TV thrash Online by 9 wickets while ATV lash out Waqt TV by 20 runs to reaches in the quarterfinal round of the tournament.
has been the epitome of the aggressive, hardcore-punk thrash sound that we've become accustomed to hearing.