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He was stunned when the giant fish bumped his board and thrashed around.
During a rare performance at Cathays Community Centre more than 20 of the beefy fighters bundled into the ring and thrashed around to the cheers of the crowd.
He thrashed around the stage doing a variation of ``The Running Man'' dance and spit out fiery raps in the spirit of Rage Against the Machine's former frontman, Zack De La Rocha.
He was not sure because Daly thrashed around in a bunker so frenetically that everybody lost count.
Feathers on a wing were broken as if it thrashed around in pain before death
Stuck fast, he thrashed around and knocked himself silly.
He had been handcuffed and hobbled by police after the struggle, where he thrashed around and tried to bite a female officer, according to a statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department.