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Then so-called "superconducting" cosmic strings could have carried immense electric currents as they thrashed around.
One can imagine how, having made their initial missteps, they found themselves in a bind and thrashed around until they had aggravated matters.
He scrambled to the end of the boat as the 440lb fish thrashed around in a frenzy.
It was on Under The Tide that Chvrches really did the damage though, with Doherty taking over on vocals as he thrashed around the stage to its pounding pneumatic rhythm.
Linda Fowler, prosecuting, said: "The defendant lunged towards Pc Broderick, who then attempted to handcuff him but he thrashed around.
Barry Haggerty, a 58-year old chartered surveyor, from Olney in Buckinghamshire, was heading for work when he ran over the animal on April 12He returned to the scene and drove forwards and backwards over the cat as it thrashed around in pain, eventually killing it.
Pupils, aged 10 and 11, from six schools across Newcastle had a splashing time as they thrashed around the inflatable assault courses at Gosforth pool.