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While he was in the act of thrashing them, they would roar out instances of his funking at football, or shirking some encounter with a lout of half his own size.
Then the Editor described Dick's warning visit; and how he had seen in the lad's eye that there was a thrashing in the wind, and had escaped through pity only - so the Editor put it - 'through pity only sir.
Athos counseled D'Artagnan to dismiss the fellow; Porthos was of opinion that he should give him a good thrashing first; and Aramis contended that a master should never attend to anything but the civilities paid to him.
He was thrashing about in the grass, twisting his shuddering body into many strange postures.
Yesterday he even had some trouble with the police because of his thrashing the steward of these buildings.
There was, of course, a good deal of noise - running about, the, shouts of the sailors, the thrashing of the sails - enough, in fact, to wake the dead.
Go without answering me, and let me see the Baron give you a sound thrashing with his stick.
He shall have the finest thrashing ever elephant received.
It is good for me, bad for another traveler, and for himself it's unavoidable, because he needs money for food; the man said an officer had once given him a thrashing for letting a private traveler have the courier horses.