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THREAD. A figurative expression used to signify the central line of a stream or water course. Harg. Tracts, 5; 4 Mason's Rep. 397; Holt's R. 490. Vide Filum aguae; Island; Water course; River.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I found shirring elastic the easiest to use when threading small buttons.
Threading tools like OpenMP* (available for free in most flavors of operating systems) make the process of breaking your code down into separate threads easier than it has been in the past.
When threading the machine, the chain-looper thread tail is left under the throat plate.
According to Steve Rose, president of RTSI, Solon, OH and a teacher of professional shop practices, "Thread whirling is essentially a threading process in which a hollow cutter, part of a machine-mounted attachment, rotates around the outside diameter of a part.
This new system is highly flexible for quick set--ups and rapid changeovers in a wide range of threading applications.
This new edition shows how to take advantage of Java's threading facilities, providing a review of the changes in Java 2 Standard Edition Version 5.0, and using a step-by-step approach to threads programming.
According to the publisher, the book shows readers how to take full advantage of Java's threading facilities, bringing them up to date to the changes in J2SE 5.0.
Complete the drop string attachment by threading the right side string pairs through the right side crimp bead, then pull out the slack.
With this justification, the mill invested in a dryer section runnability improvement program that included converting the third section to a Uni-Run configuration, adding six new high speed (HS) blow-boxes and felt transfer blow-boxes from Metso Paper, and replacing the ropes with a new vacuum-assisted sheet threading system.
A key challenge for ORB developers and application programmers, therefore, is to devise threading architectures that can handle multiple client requests efficiently.