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Accordingly, to mark Threatened Species Day I am pleased to announce the Governments intention to amend the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 to increase the penalties for those who deliberately kill threatened species in Tasmania.
The 32-year-old Lebanese salesman had threatened to kill the 27-year-old Iranian woman and to post on Facebook and WhatsApp a video of them together that he secretly recorded in May 2014.
The 43-year-old policeman was said to have verbally threatened to stab the corporal with a knife if he reported to his superiors that he had spotted him drinking liquor in August.
Yesterday Judge Martin Nolan said Ennis displayed an incredibly violent and aggressive stance towards the gardai who had handled the situation well but had reason to feel threatened.
The sub- inspector threatened the victim with dire consequences if she refused to settle the case with the accused.
A plausible explanation of the wrongfulness of threatening, advanced most explicitly by Mitchell Berman, is that the wrongfulness of threatening derives from the wrongfulness of the act threatened.
Summary: DUBAI - A man, who allegedly threatened an Indian couple and sent them abusive text messages, stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Monday.
The chart below shows the number of threatened and endangered animals in the United States.
Washington, Sept 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the world's plants are as threatened as mammals, with one in five of the world's plant species threatened with extinction.
Nearly one third of the 435 species of butterflies found in Europe have declining populations and 9% of these species are already threatened with extinction.
A MAN from Wirral who allegedly doused his neighbours in petrol and threatened to set fire to them was given an anti-social behaviour order.
Such a design would combine both linguistic- and behavioral-based concepts in an attempt to not only assess the possibility of a threatened action being undertaken but also assist in the identification of the anonymous author.