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Christie further admitted that on February 10 at the Fisherman's Mission in Mallaig, and on a journey to Fort William Police Station, he behaved in a threatening manner and shouted and swore.
KCS Raghuveer, Additional DCP, Cyber Crimes said, "The accused made threatening calls by impersonating as an anonymous person.
"If you are threatening the President to some sort of action, and then you threaten him with an impeachment complaint.
'I am just explaining that when you say impeachment, filing an impeachment complaint is not a crime per se but when it goes into the realm of threatening someone or anyone, threats when circumstances are right, correct, if the elements of the crime are there, then it goes in the realm of being criminal in nature,' he added.
Following the trial, West was cleared of making grossly offensive remarks to his former partner and threatening to murder her.
Miriam Akoth Kuyo, 78, told Siaya magistrate Tom Olando that her life has been characterised by fear and violence from her stepdaughter, Pamela Kuyo who has been charged with threatening her life.
According to the details, Nazima Ikhlaq got registered a case in police station Shahdara Town against the unknown people for threatening, assaulting and humiliating in the street.
The man continued his threatening behaviour until he left the train at Ruabon station."
NeilThorburn, 47, of Central Avenue, Gretna, pleaded not guilty at Dumfries Sheriff Court to behaving in a threatening manner near his home towards the other man in October.
The woman maintained in the First Information Report (FIR) that Wasif was her university fellow and was threatening her after she refused to marry him.
Speaking to NAB officials in Lahore, the NAB chairman said that the anti-graft authority's recent crackdown has threatened fraudsters who have now resorted to threatening the authority's officers and infrastructure.
The cost of treatment was one of the most common reasons found to be behind instances of threatening behaviour, with 98% of vets admitting feeling under pressure from clients to waive fees or accept late payment.