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He also pleaded guilty to threatening to kill or cause serious harm to Linda Carrie and Lena Tims, threatening to damage property and possession of a firearm at Oranmore Road on May 8.
After a number of parliamentarians, including MP Strida Geagea, received threatening phone calls and letters, including a barrage of death threats and insults, Geagea filed [a legal suit] through the Lebanese Forces' legal department represented by Dr.
The last section is Case Facts Confirmed and is completed only when the author of a threatening communication or COC has been identified, making biographical and descriptive data available.
I think she let God's grace shine through her so much that the reign of God was threatening to break through, that the poor were going to have good news proclaimed to them, that the oppressed were going to go free.
The alimony award granted to his wife jeopardized Hall's ownership of his property, threatening his status as an independent producer.
The history of Huawei shows how American exports to China can wind up threatening our own armed forces," Milhollin testified.
They logically knew that if they did not work together with Schwartz's group in making the ambulatory center a success, it would be built anyway, threatening their bottom line and restricting their ability to provide a range of services the community expected.
So long as we continue to be in the business of producing nuclear weapons, threatening basically to blow up the world or poison it to death, then I think I have a right or a duty, within my limited powers, to try to say no and try to report to my fellow Americans the insanity of that policy.
Our line zone blocks away from the boot, and the TB blocks the most threatening defender past the center.
And the landlord threatening to take me to court and then doing so.
Summary: Suspect denies threatening his ex-wife, says he went to speak to her at her home