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Soon after becoming secretary of state, Colin Powell said that Iraq did not directly threaten the U.
sugar industry, as well as threaten the livelihoods of thousands of farmers, employees and related businesses," said Jim Horvath, CEO of American Crystal Sugar and member of the Midwest Fair Trade Coalition.
The Soviet Union continued to threaten the West for 40 years.
CAFTA threatens to flood United States farm markets with cheap imports from these countries.
The group says proposed oil and gas drilling in the Los Padres Forest will only yield a 10-day supply of oil yet threatens 20 imperiled species such as the California red-legged frog, the California condor and the San Joaquin kit fox.
The Time Clock Policy threatens to discipline employees who make claims for unpaid wages for off-the-clock work, while the Store Level Bonus Plan: 1) indemnifies the company for the payment of overtime wages and worker's compensation claims by reductions in the bonus; and 2) penalizes hourly-paid managers who Albertson's permits or encourages to work off the clock or who permit others to work off the clock.
But McClellan added: ``If the plane is nose down and threatens the safety and security of the American people - that is the type of situation we're talking about, and that's the last resort.
While Albertson's has a stated policy prohibiting off-the-clock work, the complaint insists, "Albertson's threatens employees with reduced hours, demotion, discharge and other punishments if they fail to complete their work assignments within their scheduled hours.
It threatens existing cleanup facilities, threatens future cleanup facilities, and most importantly threatens the overall rehabilitation of the groundwater supplies for the cities of Burbank, Glendale and Los Angeles.