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Uprooting of groundnut crop, drying & watching in the field, loading in the trolley of groundnut crop and unload at threshing flooring, threshing, cleaning, weighing.
At the end of the 1950s, threshing days were just a memory, and remained so for many years.
The big events of the summer were the threshing of the grains and beans and silo filling.
Conventional threshing cylinders have an open construction.
Athough we still used a threshing machine, we had no need for a machine that large nor did anyone nearby have the knowledge to operate the steam engine.
The male and female members of my family go to Eesakhel area of Punjab every year for harvesting wheat crop", said one Ihsan, adding that they get wheat bags with one-twelve proportion as if chief zamindar gets twelve wheat bags after crops threshing, he provides us one bag.
No fewer than four threshing drums were put to work during the day.
While it has yet to be certified by Guinness World Records, event organizers believe they have set a new record for "most threshing machines operating simultaneously.
Because threshing wheat by hand is so labor-intensive, it deters some people from growing it.
The mean threshing efficiency was increased from 98% to 99%.
It was then hauled to a location of the farmer's choice to be stacked in large stacks and later be threshed by the threshing crew.