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The threshold dose for corneal damage in mammals for 300 nm has been reported to be 30-80 mJ/ [cm.sup.2].
Furthermore, the EDC low dose theory runs contrary to the prevailing, well-recognized tenet of toxicology that there is a threshold dose below which no adverse human health effects are expected.
Deterministic effects occur when cells are killed; this will be clinically visible above a certain threshold dose. The effects may lead to erythema, hair loss or cataract formation.
We appreciate the additional recommendations regarding a threshold dose for consideration of therapeutic abortion.
(15) Depending on the biology of disease development, the extent of exposure, and when it occurred, exposure to a given defendant's product may have: 1) played no causal role in the plaintiff's disease; 2) contributed, along with exposure to other defendants' asbestos, to a dose sufficient to cause the plaintiff's disease (a "threshold dose"); 3) contributed, along with exposure to other defendants' asbestos, to a dose more than sufficient to cause the plaintiff's disease; 4) caused the disease independently of exposure to any other asbestos products; or 5) caused some marginally greater severity of plaintiff's disease.
(2) Ten mGy is the "magic number" in that it is considered the threshold dose when radiation-induced effects can be measured.
"So instead, what we can do and what is usually done for cancer protection is to use risk models" and extrapolate the findings using the linear, no-threshold assumption, which assumes that there is no threshold dose of radiation below which there is no risk, she said.
On the positive side, in 3 of the 13 studies that also looked at the dose-dependent effects of valproic acid, the threshold dose needed to cause malformations was about 1,000 mg/day, as reported over the past few years.
In a very recent study (Drechsler et al., 2005) we showed that the properties of the photoresist surface are not changed significantly until a certain exposure dose, the threshold dose or dose-to-zero is exceeded.
The threshold dose of ecstasy is 100 to 150 milligrams per tablet, but with the threshold dose of DOB - one to five milligrams - the possibility of an overdose is greatly increased.
The goal for optimal treatment is to calculate the light dose that is necessary to apply to the front surface of the tumor in order to receive a threshold dose throughout the entire tumor volume.