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All the researchers discussed above considered the existence of threshold pressure gradient in low-permeability reservoirs.
Meanwhile, our study proved that the KT can increase the pain threshold pressure induced by CRD and the efficacy exhibits a dose-dependence tendency.
The figure shows that the threshold pressure increases and the curve becomes steeper with increase in the value of B.
A concentration-effect curve to 5-HT was obtained and the responses expressed as the percentage reduction in threshold pressure.
Ishizaka's vocal fold oscillator model predicts that a viscosity increase should increase the phonation threshold pressure and make singing more effortful.
The gate freeze-off that occurs at [Mathematical Expression Omitted] increases the threshold pressure, above which the two sets of boundary conditions give the same results, to [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
3) Low threshold pressure allows large amplitudes of vibration without excessive lung effort.
Phonation threshold pressure is the amount of pressure that is required merely to set the vocal folds into vibration.
Phonation threshold pressure (for voicing) was originally defined and described as oscillation threshold pressure, which is the minimum lung pressure that sustains vocal fold vibration at any given frequency.