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The thriftiest Opel Corsa is now even more economical and environmentally friendly.
Canyon Independent School District did not set out to be one of the thriftiest in the state.
Economic tariffs meant that local companies could thrive without outside competition and those consumers, who found it very difficult to afford foreign goods became some of the thriftiest savers on the planet.
On a carbon-gram-per-mile basisAuthatAAEs the emissions metric that Europeans are most concerned withAuelectro-diesels can outperform the thriftiest gas hybrids on the planet.
What was once a speciality of the Tuscany region which has now spread its self across Italy and beyond, the salad of tomatoes, bread, basil and olive oil known as panzanella is peasant food at its thriftiest and its tastiest.
An LPG Matiz just might be 2009's thriftiest wheels bar none.
Possibly that multiplicity is her thriftiest measure.
The amount Geordies blow is considerably higher than the country's thriftiest festive shoppers in the West Midlands, who spend an average of pounds 571.
The idea is to buy the thriftiest pump, in terms of energy usage, that will adequately fill your needs.
The island Republic plays baseball with the best and tourism with the thriftiest.
Be that as it may, supermarket retailers can still count on the holidays to tempt even the thriftiest of consumers to forgo price and trade up to more expensive food fare to help make the season brighter.
But rather than reinterpret these descriptions of black working-class behavior, sympathetic labor historians are often too quick to invert the images, remaking the black proletariat into the hardest working, thriftiest, most efficient labor force around (p.