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Thus he lived thriftily, and spent what he received before God and contributed them to churches.
The premise behind the festival, curated by award-winning designers Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, was to bring a free cultural celebration to the people of the North East, to help them learn how to save money and the planet - and to celebrate the fun and creativity found in living thriftily.
I've narrowed my new-career, newme wardrobe down to 33 items - some of which I already have, some of which I'll need to acquire by shopping very thriftily from my teeny allowance.
Living thriftily for a year, living frugally for a fixed period of time to see if you can, to see how much money you could save, in order to blog or write a book about your experiences, are entirely different experiences from the recurrent poverty experienced by low-income and precariously employed families, whose material conditions of thrift as impoverishment are stigmatised and must be concealed.
The usual costs of costume materials increased ten percent during the war, and although Ricketts often worked thriftily, inflation caused him to cut several designs from the Le Havre productions (Delany 1990, 303).
Raising animals and consuming meat responsibly, healthfully, moderately, and thriftily are all ways of caring for God's creation, which is intrinsically a theological issue:
48) Maybe it was an ocean admirer, or perhaps it was someone in the kitchen thriftily contemplating a way to repurpose fish skin.
Boss Keith Hill has worked thriftily this summer like all managers at Oakwell over the years.
Caterina also invested thriftily in artefacts such as medals and coins which reinforced her public image and subtly reflected her changing political identities.