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This legislation rewards thriftiness and that is a good thing," stated the bill's prime sponsor, Sen.
Thriftiness and hand craftsmanship aren't the only old-fashioned values that live on at Arcade.
When I asked the reason for this thriftiness, the head remained stubbornly bent as he refused to oblige.
Consumer thriftiness and health-consciousness will continue to influence the food and beverage ingredient and flavor trends that emerge in 2011, according to "Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2011" from Packaged Facts.
Clason, who owned a successful mapmaking company, began writing about thriftiness and saving money to build wealth.
Despite the thriftiness of the household sector, corporate profits have risen smartly (up 27% from 3Q 2009 through 3Q 2010, according to U.
Traditional Chinese thriftiness paired with the imperative most Chinese families feel to save for future and unpredictable health care costs (China's social safety net has many gaping holes) makes it unlikely that China's household savings rate, of up to 50 percent of earnings, will anytime soon approach the American standard, an average rate of just 1 percent in 2010.
BEIJING -- Economists and Chinese leaders for years have worried that China's predominantly export-driven growth is unsustainable, with poverty, the isolation of its rural citizens, and a culture of thriftiness hampering domestic demand.
AVATAR director James Cameron sees misguided thriftiness in Hollywood studios' latest craze to convert big movie projects from 2D to 3D, but the pace of such conversions shows no signs of letting up.
This is a serious year growth which is mainly due to the economic insecurity and the typical thriftiness of the Dutch people.
Although the Scots have a reputation for thriftiness we found them to be the leaders in sending thoughtful gifts.
For example, although the Scots have a reputation for thriftiness, we found Glasgow to be the leader in sending thoughtful gifts.