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It follows then that State enterprises are inclined towards thriftless manpower-management, namely to overemployment, and the wage increase dispensing with a solid financial basis by exceeding value added.
Agricultural economist William Spillman drew sharp distinctions between "high-minded, self-respecting small proprietors" and the "discontented, thriftless, tenant class," whose failure to climb the agricultural ladder proved their "unfitness for American citizenship" (Foley 69).
When his father, Thomas Lincoln, a lazy, thriftless carpenter, married Nancy Hanks, no one dreamed that their offspring would be remembered throughout history as the man who gave the U.
vegetables and all the refuse of its thriftless and dirty inhabitants,
The immediate effect of the law of 1908 was a new orgy of buying land from allottees too innocent or too thriftless to protect themselves against their new freedom.
For how many years must an apartment owner continue subsidizing thriftless tenants?
But Allan, an importer, was a thriftless fortune-hunter, always on the heels of the latest get-rich-quick scheme.
Frame depots, water tanks, grain elevators, thriftless stores along deserted main streets.
Stating that Hind "saw a dying culture," the quoted passage presented a picture of wanton and wasteful slaughter of buffalo by "careless, thriftless Cree, "a "disgusting" spectacle to Hind and apparently a realistic depiction from the standpoint of the authors.