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A thrill of horror flashed through every soul upon the plantation, excepting Mr.
The letters from town, which a few days before would have made every nerve in Elinor's body thrill with transport, now arrived to be read with less emotion that mirth.
I experienced a shock of horror, then a strong thrill of grief, then a desire--a necessity to see her; and I asked in what room she lay.
There was scarcely time to experience a thrill of horror before we saw that the little wretch was safe.
But when at last they turned into the Long Walk by the ivied walls the excited sense of an approaching thrill made them, for some curious reason they could not have explained, begin to speak in whispers.
He felt it in the trouble of her bosom pre ssed against his; in the nervo us thrill of her arms clasped around his neck.
A strange thrill struck him when she did so, and visibly passed over his frame; he laid the knife down' softly, as he sat staring at her.
I touch Miss Shepherd's glove, and feel a thrill go up the right arm of my jacket, and come out at my hair.
The disposition to hoard had been utterly crushed at the very first by the loss of his long-stored gold: the coins he earned afterwards seemed as irrelevant as stones brought to complete a house suddenly buried by an earthquake; the sense of bereavement was too heavy upon him for the old thrill of satisfaction to arise again at the touch of the newly-earned coin.
Besides, the Alps and the gipsies, in common with waterfalls and ruined castles, belong to the ready-made operatic poetry of the world, from which the last thrill has long since departed.
He fascinated her, and when he drew closer to her after a short silence and took her hand she thrilled as one might thrill beneath the touch of a deity--a thrill of exaltation not unmixed with fear.
For the plot ought to be so constructed that, even without the aid of the eye, he who hears the tale told will thrill with horror and melt to pity at what takes place.