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THROAT, med. jur. The anterior part of the neck. Dungl. plea. Diet. h.t.; Coop. Dict. h.t.; 2 Good's Study of Med. 302; 1 Chit. Med. Jur. 97, n.
     2. The word throat, in an indictment which charged the defendant with murder, by "cutting the throat of the deceased," does not mean, and is not to be confined to that part of the neck which is scientifically called the throat, but signifies that which is commonly called the throat. 6 Carr. & Payne, 401; S. C. 25 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 458.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She has been treated for a throat abscess, which was the cause of her poor running in the Oaks.
However, she has been catching the eye in her homework since being treated for the throat abscess that was blamed for her tame effort in the Classic.
She was subsequently treated for a throat abscess and has been brought back for what will hopefully be a successful autumn campaign.
Happily, Taylor sat next to Sir Elton in the directors' box - his first game for a month as he continues his convalescence from a throat abscess.
Rovers' record signing has been absent for a month with a throat abscess, but is now back in training.
Both German authors consider, but doubt, that Hezekiah could have had bubonenpest, and one author(3) quotes an earlier opinion that Hezekiah had a throat abscess which burst open on the third day, with resultant spontaneous recovery.
However, if not treated there is a risk that you might contract an ear infection, throat abscess, pneumonia or meningitis.
McFadden has struggled with knee and groin problems all season, and recently was sidelined due to a throat abscess.
The Godolphin four-year-old is reported to be working well after recovering from a throat abscess.
The 41-year-old former professional travelled to Carlow, Ireland, just days after emergency surgery to remove a throat abscess and without picking up a cue for almost a month.