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Among the carpel tunnel patients, itch and throbbing were the pain qualities most highly associated with impaired function and sleep disruption.
Happily, the throbbing item in question is merely a vein on Graham's neck.
It's a throbbing electro-tinged breaks track that features some outstanding naughty, flirty, sassy vocals from Lady Posh with a kick ass hook and pulsating bassline that stands up to what the lady says.
The throbbing in my head was getting worse and the blood running down my throat nauseated me.
That site wasn't ideal because the instruments picked up vibrations from the throbbing generators of a small power plant, as well as from construction and other activities.
QI SUFFER from a throbbing head all the while which gets worse when I have a bad night's sleep.
Such neighbourhoods enjoy a central location within existing cities, with life throbbing in their dense exciting vandal-free streets.
I don't think about my feet until I'm trying to go to sleep and they're throbbing," she added.
she couldn't ignore the throbbing soreness in her thumb where the thorn had left its unlucky mark.
The Oldest Profession ended its run at the Signature in October; Hot 'n' Throbbing, a disturbing look at domestic violence, concludes the season next spring.