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There is a potentially powerful kind of theatre in Ubuntu, one dealing with issues of race and common heritage in a human rather than a political way, but while the process of collective creation may be essential in getting it this far, greater structuring of the material and a clearer narrative frame would lift it from its somewhat muted state, from its detached treatment of crucial matters to a more throbbingly insistent imperative, turning stereotypical moments into revelatory ones and melodramatic coincidence into transformational drama.
As a passing-through point for nearly seven million commuters a day, the bustling terminus is throbbingly hot and dusty, where eager passengers seem to compete to see who can leap out of the doorless carriages first.
Responsible for importing this woeful and lucklustre pile of re-cycled coke cans into the UK was the Brooklands- based car producer, Panther Cars, most famous then and, er now, for that retro nightmare, the Panther Kallista, itself worthy of throbbingly vibrant column inches.