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It is apparent, that the designated characteristics of motorcycle sliding throttles (Fig.
The paper presents the results of research performed on a throttle using different pressure values and it establishes the cases in which the use of the throttle is efficient.
Two weeks ago, a handful of drivers reported sticking throttles that caused the trucks to accelerate without their control.
When we got the tension signal, I ran both throttles to military while doing my wipeout.
Use of Ultem for ETP throttle bodies may well give automotive engineers greater system design flexibility, says the manufacturer.
The adjustable throttle, which is being used to good effect on the different types of transfer-mix, can be used even more freely when adequate cooling can take place simultaneously with mechanical work-input for mixing.
has expanded on throttle technology with the introduction of a radial valve.
In addition, the throttle can stick due to an improperly positioned fuel line and throttle cable, posing a sudden acceleration hazard to consumers.
If you have one vehicle with the throttle sticking you think it's an equipment problem, but when you have a couple you begin to think it's a fleet problem,'' said Jim Bonnville, director of fleet services for the general services department.
The ideal commuter car also is mechanically refined, with smooth brakes, a smooth throttle and a smooth ride.
After this, the rest of our group kept their throttles open, despite the real risk of overshooting the trail and hitting the trees beyond.