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For CADJPY, throttling back on the wild price action would leave the pair with a very prominent formation that could hold the market back - or at the very least allow for the easy placement of entry, stops and targets.
Rowena Simpson added: "The effects of the economic downturn are being felt everywhere, but while many companies are throttling back, we have total confidence in our product and are determined to continue the growth of the Giraffe brand in 2009.
Now the tide has changed, with Opec throttling back supplies just as refiners commission sophisticated new kit that will allow them to convert the bottom end of the barrel into top-notch fuels.
The group has closed two offices and cut 500 jobs - 40% of its workforce - over the past year, also throttling back on land purchase and construction activity.
And sometime the quickest path forward involves throttling back a little, slowing down, and getting out of the firehose's stream.