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That section reads that "no freeway or throughway may be constructed by the city, nor may the city enter into any agreement approving or facilitating construction of such a freeway or throughway, unless (it) is first approved by a majority of the voting electors of the city.
The plaintiffs argue that significant portions of the route will contain exclusive bus lanes, limiting access to abutting land and constituting a throughway under state statutes.
Meanwhile, the repeated failure of the international community to fulfill its promises to demilitarize and defend safe areas, to enforce the no-fly zone, or to keep open humanitarian throughways greatly undermines the credibility of international institutions as well as those local political constituencies for internationalist values.
The doorlike structures of We Provisioned Our King for His Journey Into the Next World and Slowly Sealed the Tomb for all Centuries, 1994, suggested not only throughways, but also repositories.