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That section reads that "no freeway or throughway may be constructed by the city, nor may the city enter into any agreement approving or facilitating construction of such a freeway or throughway, unless (it) is first approved by a majority of the voting electors of the city."
Oregon Revised Statute 374.010 says a throughway "means a highway or street especially designed for through traffic, over, from or to which owners or occupants of abutting land or other persons have no easement of access or only a limited easement of accessa..."
"Even if what LTD is proposing to do was a throughway, Section 41 doesn't limit what LTD does," Klein said at the time.
Meanwhile, the repeated failure of the international community to fulfill its promises to demilitarize and defend safe areas, to enforce the no-fly zone, or to keep open humanitarian throughways greatly undermines the credibility of international institutions as well as those local political constituencies for internationalist values.