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Prior to founding Throw, Moody was a vice president in Morgan Stanley's Information Technology department.
While we usually throw to our best receivers, good QBs and smart coaches remember to get the ball to a variety of players.
Don't throw two consecutive off-speed pitches to the same location.
Encourage your players to throw a lot in the off-season and max-out in their throwing just before they are going to get a day or two off.
I've been forced to throw more off-speed pitches because of injuries, but in doing that, I've gained more confidence in those pitches,'' says Jarrod Washburn, 2-1 with a 4.
The athlete turns the hip on the drive leg toward the direction of the throw.
She has added nearly 30 feet in the hammer throw from her high-school best of 138-7 and nearly 15 feet in the discus from her previous best of 143-7.
1B charges, fields ball on glove side of body, makes good throw to 2nd.
Throws coach Ken Haefliger was ecstatic to have someone with her natural ability.
The arm strike is probably the most under-coached part of the throw.
It's probably impossible to throw from the 12 o'clock position, although a few pitchers have come close.