throw away

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The NAB is conducting investigations in some other cases if there was any irregularity in such deal disposing Government land to favourites on throw away prices.
London [UK], July 14 ( ANI ): Former world number one Andy Roddick nearly broke his wife Brooklyn Decker's heart when he decided to throw away nearly all of his trophies during a recent cleaning spree at the couple's home in Austin, Texas.
A Eurobaromter survey late last year showed, 54 per cent of Cypriots throw away food based on the 'best buy' date, believing it should not be eaten, compared with a European average of 24 per cent.
Scots throw away more than PS5million of food annually because it was not used in time, campaigners said, while confusion over date labels, caution over meat safety and worries over freezing and reheating can lead to good meat SCOTTISH households throw away 26million burgers' worth of beef - 2900 tons - each year, according to statistics released by food waste campaigners.
George Payne, who runs George Payne Butchers in Gosforth, has backed Love Food Hate Waste's 'Meaty Issues' campaign after it was revealed that every year people in the UK throw away 34,000 tonnes of beef - the equivalent of 300 million burgers.
Politicians, will you throw away people's taxes for your parties and shopping, or guard them as gifts for social service?
The astounding fact that in one of the richest countries of the world we throw away 35% of the food we produce - not even including the amount that most of us are overeating too.
WASTEFUL Brits throw away PS437 worth of food every year, a poll has found.
Introducing more organisation in our fridge-freezers may be the answer to reducing waste and the amount of expired food we throw away.
Steve Paterson admitted the title is Brora's to throw away after his Formartine side slipped to their second defeat in three games.
A friend had a very smart new stainless steel kettle for the Aga and was going to throw away the old electric one until I suggested she keep it for the shed.
This year, the US Department of Agriculture projects that Americans will throw away about 200 million pounds of edible turkey this Thanksgiving holiday.