throw down

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Jane |Williams has survived another week on The Great Pottery Throw Down
PICK OF THE DAY The Great Pottery Throw Down (BBC2, 9pm) T'S week three and the desperation to make pottery cool is positively oozing out of this latest format.
Also, watch predators catch their prey in The Hunt, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and amateur potters working their magic with clay in The Great Pottery Throw Down.
The latter took a bump, lost a little ground and Master Blaster slipped through to throw down a serious challenge.
IN THE FILM Throw Down Your Heart, an African musician says, "There is this negative thinking about Africa.
This was the game for Phil Jackson to get reacquainted with the Chicago Bulls, for Andrew Bynum to grow up against Ben Wallace and for Kwame Brown to throw down a dunk that echoed throughout Staples Center.
Throw Down Your Arms * Sinead O'Connor (Chocolate And Vanilla): Sinead comes out of retirement with a 12-song set of updated reggae classics.