throw down

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And in the so-called "throw down" potters had just 15 minutes at the wheel to produce exact copies of two ornate candlesticks created by master potter, Keith.
For the technical challenge the amateurs have to decorate a family of three jugs, and the 'throw down' involves copying Keith's two stunning candlesticks, which he whips up on the wheel in seconds.
We previously reported that Kanye West is not too happy about Kim spending so much money in general, but when it comes to the dough she's about to throw down just to give birth to their firstborn, he may be cool with it.
During a meeting of the College of Commissioners, on 25 April, European Parliament President Martin Schulz said his institution is ready to throw down the gauntlet to all member states that call for cuts in the EU's long-term budget.
The latter took a bump, lost a little ground and Master Blaster slipped through to throw down a serious challenge.
But Throw Down Your Heart is more than just a Behind the Music for the resulting album: By documenting Fleck's burgeoning friendships with his collaborators--a posse of throat-singing urban Maasai teens, a Ugandan thumb-pianist who wows with an instrument traditionally played by men--the film subtly probes issues like cultural preservation and changing gender roles.
IN THE FILM Throw Down Your Heart, an African musician says, "There is this negative thinking about Africa.

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