throw light upon

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Astor in his comprehensive project, might throw light upon portions of our country quite out of the track of ordinary travel, and as yet but little known.
But when it is remembered that in Zarathustra we not only have the history of his most intimate experiences, friendships, feuds, disappointments, triumphs and the like, but that the very form in which they are narrated is one which tends rather to obscure than to throw light upon them, the difficulties which meet the reader who starts quite unprepared will be seen to be really formidable.
Gregson, of Scotland Yard, are both engaged upon the case, and it is confidently anticipated that these well-known officers will speedily throw light upon the matter.
The word 'affaire' has not yet, in France, that levity of import which it conveys with us,] "but nothing whatever has transpired to throw light upon it.
He also suggested on the occasion of world fisheries day November 21, 2017, the key stakeholders, policy makers, social society members and government may throw light upon the challengesfaced by fisheriessector in Pakistan and propose viable solutions for the improvement of fishing practices and conservation of depleted fish stocks.
The teachers will throw light upon the teaching methodologies on an everyday basis.
The event provided each of the brand owners with the opportunity to throw light upon their brand stories, latest products and benefits to about 300 crew members.
He will also throw light upon the effectiveness of the Mumbai Police force post these attacks and the tremendous work done by them in collating the proofs and witnesses against the attacks.