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Teachers use this soft, throwable microphone to promote class participation.
While some arrows from the original games (Fire arrow, gas arrow, water arrow), have been modified and kept in the game, some (like the moss arrow) have been adapted into upgrades while some (flashbang arrow) have been converted into throwable objects.
Throwable, which is defined in the standard Java API [19].
Meanwhile, an effort to field small, throwable reconnaissance robots in the waning months of the Afghan conflict--which could provide examples of how they can be used in combat--has been mired in controversy and stymied by a series of protests by a vendor.
Three main categories of UGVs have emerged: light manpackable (for infantry teams) and their throwable subcategory that can be lobbed into a room through a window, medium (carried by a larger vehicle to extend the latter vehicle's reach in terms of reconnaissance or that can be used to defuse bombs), and heavy (used as load carriers by soldiers on patrol).
Throwable cameras are important, and not just because it's a lot of fun to huck a camera at something to see what you can get for a picture.
He said inspectors will look for basic requirements such as life jackets on board, a throwable flotation device, sound signaling device, boater registration, fire extinguisher, boater education card and current registration decals.
In the past five years, a total of six robotics programs ranging in size from a throwable unit to an eleven-foot-tall giant have been assembled.
Pfeil and colleagues demonstrated a throwable panoramic camera that eliminates the time-consuming process of acquiring multiple images and stitching them together.
package exception; public aspect ThrowableException{ pointcut printingStackTrace(Throwable aCause): execution (* printStackTrace()) && target (aCause); // other pointcuts elided void around(Throwable cause) :printingStackTrace(cause) { proceed (cause) ; if {cause != null){ System.out.println("Caused by:"); cause.printStackTrace(); } } //other advice elided } ExceptionHandler aspect (SoC1)
The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is a handheld foam-filled sphere that takes 360-degree panoramic photographs when it's tossed in the air.
Washington, August 23 (ANI): South Korean defense forces are using small, lightweight throwable "smart grenades" that allow their troops to peer over walls, climb stairs and kill enemies from a distance via remote control.