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Discuss criteria to use in seeking suitable throwaways.
The patent-pending ScoopFree Throwaway Tray comes pre-filled with Fresh Step(R) Crystal litter -- under an exclusive license with the Clorox Co.
There's a throwaway reference to James Mason in the movie, and this other James is the closest that Wilkinson has yet come to matching the wrecked grandeur that was the all-time great British screen actor's specialty.
Assembled from bits and pieces of throwaway culture, it's all about transformation, transfiguration, and the strange interplay of loss and gain that goes along with such liminal states.
The districts switched from throwaway, high-density polyethylene- coated paper cartons to reusable polycarbonate bottles molded of LEXAN(R) resin.
In addition, the UltraCell XX25 portable power source for the military will significantly lower the total weight carried by soldiers on extended missions, as well as reduce operational costs through the reduction of throwaway primary batteries and the logistic burden of recharging batteries.
And the revelation of the film is not Bernal but D'Arcy, who loafs from a callow throwaway part into something a heck of a lot more interesting.
He's not recuperating his throwaway models so much as prefiguring the annihilation of his own esthetic.
The only difference is the people don't see the value in these pets because they're basically throwaway animals.
But in an increasingly throwaway society, products that provide a good value are harder to come by.
Which is not to say that Mercadier's "world according to Polaroid" is any less a fiction, with its conflated layers of space and its artificially natural light, but now it is a fiction of the real, and one that uses some of the finest mass technology of throwaway culture ("Absolute One Stop Photography," as the SX-70 was billed when is was introduced in 1972) in order to suggest that the present is actually worth preserving.
He took the paper from basically a throwaway to a legitimate city paper.