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The throwback look will come a week after the Ducks wore white helmets, green jerseys and new gray pants, a look that was greeted with mixed reviews at best.
7701(a) (30)(E) and the throwback rules no longer apply.
Massachusetts law contains an unusual throwback rule which focuses on the "home offices" of sales personnel:
The Alpha plan is a throwback to one of three redesigns suggested in June, when the proposed craft was still referred to as space station Freedom (SN:6/19/93, p.
of elevation change built on three distinct plateaus (a throwback to European roads), and safety designs based on F1 specifications.
CHRIS SUTTON reckons the capture of Nadir Ciftci is a throwback to the time Parkhead bad boys proved their worth.
Robertson stated the current structure is "like a throwback to the previous era" and not equipped to run a modern professional sport.
A PENSIONER was living in such squalor that a police officer described it as "a throwback to the Depression".
NBC's new ``20 Good Years'' is the throwback jersey equivalent of the sitcom, only without the added value.
Throwback provision: Home Interiors addressed the application of the "throwback provision" in determining Texas gross receipts.
As the film shows, this throwback to the sort of situation common in pre-Stonewall America was part of a widespread backlash in countries as diverse as Jamaica, Honduras, Malaysia, Uganda, Pakistan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and the Philippines.
Throwback brand Deathbox is getting wild with the changes, with Turf alumni Sam Hitz replacing Mark Partain, and Tony Mag in the pro department and promises of more new additions to come.