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Not only is UCLA's passing game not making big plays, but the Bruins are rarely throwing down field.
The East Coast is a gnar place to have to skate year 'round, and Dave Bachinsky is throwing down kickflips on the El Toro 20
This year we hope to build on this by throwing down the gauntlet to all employees.
Delighted patients and staff began throwing down bread and scraps of food for the ducks, which recently produced flocks of ducklings.
Consisting of drummer Kathi Mendonca, guitarist Nathan Howdeshell (who also plays in the band Boy Pussy USA), and vocalist Ditto, the band swaggers and thrusts its way through each short blast of swampy stomp, throwing down sexual ultimatums like "C'mon darlin', `cause you're makin' me wet" and "I'll walk a million miles for just one piece of your pie.
The value propositions and innovative business models brought to the table by niche e-government providers are throwing down a gauntlet to the Tier 1 professional services and systems integration houses that have dominated the government market for years," says French Caldwell, research director for Gartner.

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