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BALANCE, com. law. The amount which remains due by one of two persons, who have been dealing together, to the other, after the settlement of their accounts.
     2. In the case of mutual debts, the balance only can be recovered by the assignee of an insolvent, or the executor of a deceased person. But this mutuality must have existed at the time of the assignment by the insolvent, or at the death of the testator.
     3. The term general balance is sometimes used to signify the difference which is due to a party claiming a lien on goods in his hands, for work or labor done, or money expended in relation to those and other goods of the debtor. 3 B. & P. 485; 3 Esp. R. 268.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Much repetition of both the harmonic and rhythmic elements is constantly thrown off balance by irregular phrasing and changes of scoring patterns, giving a strong forward thrust to the music.
With the slimy pond mud squishing through my toes, I am thrown off balance, but am saved a very expensive soaking by the sturdy tripod.
Players should be tagged on the back, below shoulder level, so that they are not thrown off balance or tagged in the head or face (Graham et al., 1993).
However, the reader is thrown off balance when he discovers he is a pawn who finds himself alone in a constantly shifting reality, which culminates in a dramatic finale in "Le storie."
Even if thrown off balance by the sudden arrival of a load of sand, a sandpile readily recovers its angle of repose, always returning to its critical state.
coli infection, the bacteria balance in your gut is thrown off balance.
According to Parvathy, when Shyamlikha was standing near the wash basin close to the door of the compartment she was thrown off balance and about to be thrown out of the moving train.
Meanwhile, onlookers described the scene when the die-hard youngsters were thrown off balance after those perched on the fences fell backward to the ground.
3.10PM Revellers in New Orleans are thrown off balance when sink-holes rain on their parades.
After saving three break points, the Pole was thrown off balance by a cruel netcord and her reflex volley bounced long.
"Had the main (granite) blocks ever shifted it would have been thrown off balance and there was nothing securing that bowl to the base."
FOLLOWING the weekend's activities in Europe, the FTSE 100 stumbled into another week, thrown off balance by the continued weakness in the banking sector.