thrown overboard

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Sugadhan, father of Prasobh Sugadhan, second officer of the Prabhu Daya, claimed that his son did not jump into the sea but was beaten up before being thrown overboard by somebody who intended to kill him.
Malcolm Robertson, 64, was bludgeoned and thrown overboard off the Andaman coast after the men boarded his vessel as he sailed with his wife Linda in March.
In most attacks the victims have been beaten, while several were killed or thrown overboard.
Malcolm Robertson, 64, of Hastings, East Sussex, was allegedly bludgeoned to death with a hammer and thrown overboard while sailing in Thailand on Monday.
The bodies of people who died were thrown overboard, the Red Cross said.
Heather, of Woodfield Avenue, Wollescote, was thrown overboard from a Rigid Inflatable Boat along with her friend, 28-year-old Richard Perry, of Victoria Street, Brierley Hill, on July 18.
Her organs were dissolved in acid in the bathtub, and her head was placed in a handbag and thrown overboard during a day trip to France.
The 48-year-old businessman, from Trearddur Bay, on Anglesey, was thrown overboard after a fibreglass pole running along the boat's bow snapped and the vessel's sail ended up in the water, the inquest in Llangefni, heard yesterday.
He was picked up by a Norwegian oil tanker on Friday and claims he was thrown overboard by a British crew.
psittaci from infected and dead parrots thrown overboard during shipment from Argentina to Europe in 1930 (11).
Those principles were thrown overboard in the rush to sign a last-minute, take-it-or-leave-it proposal offered by Communist China.