thrown overboard

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Researchers think thebottleprobably washed up on the coast within a year of being thrown overboard, to be buried in sand until a storm uncovered it.
The bottle had been thrown overboard from the German sailing ship Paula in 1886 as it crossed the Indian Ocean, 950km from the Australian coast, according to Ross Anderson, the museum's assistant curator of maritime archaeology.
Therefore, they are thrown overboard and can wash ashore in big numbers.
Our suspicion is, not long after this clip, she is thrown overboard.
News of the murder of 132 enslaved Africans, thrown overboard from the ship Zong in 1781, roused antislavery opinion in Britain just as the popular campaigns to reform and then end the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans were taking off.
Steve Morton, 47, was thrown overboard as he negotiated some of the world's most difficult rapids.
Rescuers were able to save 10 of the 22 thrown overboard during the collision which occurred at 4:00 pm local time Friday.
Said victims were thrown overboard by the pirates prior to the rescue," Asto said.
According to the NNA, Krikor Bokien, 23, Charbel Joseph Khairallah, 22, and Elias Nicola Hashem, 22, were in an inflatable raft off the rocky beaches of Halat near Jbeil when they were thrown overboard by high waves.
The missing, including two children, were among some 10 passengers thrown overboard in the accident.
Our oars were gone, we were thrown overboard, everything was ripped apart.
They did not expect to be attacked by the humanitarian aboard the ship, but when they were -- including being set upon with metal pipes, chains and knives, having a soldier nearly thrown overboard, and others briefly taken prisoner -- they were able to fight back, killing nine of their attackers, including five known terrorists.