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A New Census of Women TAKING only the first - and perhaps the most important - of these new regulations, it may be said that no more difficult and laborious work than that of compiling a list of the new women voters has ever been thrown upon the registration authorities.
RYAN EDWARDS insists he's not a dirty player after being astonished at the scrutiny thrown upon him following a challenge on Rangers' Ryan Jack two weeks ago.
Even stone boulders were thrown upon them from rooftops, and as a result they could not even move out of their vehicles.
Last year was sort of thrown upon us," said Gormley.
This partnership has been thrown upon us quite quickly with Kenwyne going, so it is going to take us time.
The emerging economic scenario in the country has thrown upon vast opportunities of development and diversification for the units in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Sector.
I think that because I'm the oldest, I got a lot of responsibility thrown upon me.
This setting of "Seaweed," one of eight poems from his collection of 1850 titled By the Seaside, is a somewhat extended single song on the rather long poem that makes an analogy between the seaweed thrown upon the shore by storms and the drifting parts of our lives that finally arrive home.
Widely considered as the greatest batsman to play the wonderfully nuanced sport of cricket after the great Sir Donald Bradman, Tendulkar will walk out with the biggest support ever thrown upon a single man -probably in the entire world.
hip Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards attempt to recognize the shining stars of brand India through a credible Award mechanism where each nomination has four nominees judged by the eminent juries & are thrown upon to public for three-tier voting through sms& email and concluded by the Juries verdict.
It was a scenario that was thrown upon us because of George's injury and we will see how he get's on.

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