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Aside from normal cockpit chores, the only other runup item is to fully advance the thrust lever to ensure the prop reaches its full-rated 2300 RPM.
Ankles, if during thrust levers are gender II[degrees], in which the focus is the support of the forefoot, the power goes from the heart to the ankle joint, the resistance is from the fulcrum inside of the hock, in the landing phase becomes of gender III[degrees]; the resistance and power have in fact reversed.
Its major controls are the flight control unit (FCU), the multifunction keyboard of the control display unit (MCDU; one for each pilot), the sidesticks, and the thrust levers. FMGS-related cockpit displays consist of the two MCDU multifunction displays, two primary flight displays (PFD), which provide indications of the active and armed automation modes or flight mode annunciations (FMAs), and two horizontal situation indicators (HSIs), which are also called moving map displays.
Pulling symbolic thrust levers to give the satellite a fitting launch were Dr.
Thrust levers were positioned in the takeoff/go-around detent and the PF maintained nose-up pitch inputs.
Since the Bus' thrust levers don't physically move after you set climb power, I had to glance at the engine display to see them winding back.
In manual operations the A-320 thrust levers operate like conventional throttles (i.e., they move freely), and their position corresponds to the amount of thrust commanded by the pilot.