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ARMED thugs burst into a Merseyside store and terrorised three female staff members.
Three of the thugs pushed the boy into the road and punched him in the stomach.
Thuggee was almost a caste--membership was hereditary, outsiders scorned--and Thugs were certainly more than bandits; not only deadlier, but so adept at disposing of evidence that they'd thrived for hundreds of years before their existence was officially acknowledged.
Not supplying refuse bins or dog litter bins (thugs empty them on the way home from the pub)
No one would even think of leaving right after Communion--unlike the steady stream that kept pouring out of Father Thug's parish when we were there.
That was the symbol and pride of a thug. Near that infamous 'pipal' tree with 'Kali' hidden in the folds of its trunk were a few slightly raised 'grave-like' mounds at a distance.
This happens most of the times on the corridors outside Kassmart Supermarket and Macvast Hotel where the thugs disguise as passers-by in the rush hour commotion and steal from those rushing to board matatus on their way home," said Teresa Wambui, a victim.
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Wednesday morning left for Thailand to shoot Thugs Of Hindostan.
Police arrived at the Palace nightclub in Atlanta on Sunday to respond to a verbal dispute which reportedly involved Young Thug slapping 27-year-old Valerie Raven, also known as Akbar V. 
Getting impatient, Peewee grits his gold teeth and knocks on the closet door, shouting, "Aye, let me get a hit." The door slides open, releasing a dense mass of weed smoke that floods the room, and out of the makeshift booth steps Thug, shirtless and lanky in a pair of tight leather pants with gold zippers.
In a second incident, an armed thug threatened two female workers, aged 50 and 52, with a sharp weapon at RS McColl's in Carmunnock Road, Cathcart, Glasgow, at 7am yesterday.
Syrian actress Kinda Alloush is preparing to film her scenes in the new Egyptian drama "Al Baltaji" (The Thug).