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You ain't no hero round here, you're a zero," the thug concluded.
Ever since the eruption of the revolution, the latter thugs who were falsely dubbed journalists have been spreading rumors and promoting lies serving the regime, during each and every interview on Syrian or Iranian satellite channels.
A 16-year-old staff member, who handed her notice in after the teatime raid, was forced to open the till while the thugs grabbed the cash.
Three of the thugs pushed the boy into the road and punched him in the stomach.
Not providing public toilets (young thugs intimidate users)
Into this mix passes a bloodthirsty band of roving thugs who carry machetes and kill the homeless in the park.
This may come as a surprise to Father Thug, but we wanted to be sure that we didn't miss Mass.
The door slides open, releasing a dense mass of weed smoke that floods the room, and out of the makeshift booth steps Thug, shirtless and lanky in a pair of tight leather pants with gold zippers.
Meanwhile, a thug with a knife demanded cash from a 77-year-old man working at TD Kirkland in Symington, Ayrshire, at 6.
This thug got off with no more than a plastic tag strapped to his leg, even though it has been proven time and time again that these are badges of honour to show off or for their vicious pitbull to chew on.
In el-Nahda district near Madinat el-Salam in Cairo, Sayyed Hassan, whose shop sells fruits and vegetables complains that he has to pay protection money to thugs.
THE hammer-wielding thug who thought the local corner shop in Glasgow's Gorbals made easy pickings will be thinking again this morning.