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SOUTH Africa only won the match because after half time they cynically took out three of our key players - Adam Jones, Gethin Jenkins and Jamie Roberts by sheer thuggery.
The male thuggery voiced by his sidekicks--Marcus, Jordan and Khalib--is something he tolerates but knows it has very little place in his heart.
If this principle is acceptable, it would be wise to establish in advance that an avid litigant can pay such penalties and thus that a reasonable amount of money be put in escrow before any suit can begin, simply because we an know that collecting debts from moneyed dead, beats, such as negligent absentee fathers, is as much a social problem today as street thuggery (and morally similar in its arrogant contempt for the law).
Politics, thuggery, sex and religion, ethics, and fixing the cases: Russell gathered most of the ruling passions of Boston in these pieces, and he's right to be proud of them.
Mixed Martial Arts is truly dreadful thuggery, devoid of the skill and artistry of the sweet science of boxing - or the discipline and precision of karate.
The vague term thuggery "is now being instrumentalized," he told AFP.
Summary: CAIRO - Due to the security vacuum resulting from the police withdrawal during the January 25 revolution, thuggery was on the increase in Egypt, according to local newspapers.
Reasonable protest, yes - but the thuggery shown by a sector of the student mob is totally unacceptable.
Rugby is I believe both a better spectacle and a better sport for my son to play today because the thuggery that existed in previous decades has largely been removed.
The small minority involved in this sectarian thuggery must get the message that they do not represent the majority of the people of Rasharkin and that they will not succeed in whatever is their bigoted and sectarian objective.
Played with sinister thuggery by Brian Cox - far superior to Anthony Hopkins' increasingly hammy horror turn - the story begins with the fava bean-loving doctor already incarcerated, having been caught by William Peterson's troubled FBI agent.