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"There seems to be a thuggish attitude out there which is going unchecked.
WELSH defender Ben Thatcher admits he was prone to thuggish outbreaks during his Millwall days.
Phil Daniels guest stars at his seedy Cockney best as the thuggish, no-rules detective Andy Bulmer, who clashes with pompous control freak Boyd (Trevor Eve) when they are made to join forces.
"I think that the conflict may be used by the thuggish element as an excuse to attack Muslims and that some Muslims will find themselves in sympathy, if not with bin Laden, at least with the idea that America is the great Satan."
Congratulations to the police actions - both German and English - that kept the thuggish elements away from the pitch without being too heavy-handed.
And although hunky long haired Danny is a Mitchell he doesn't look anything like his thuggish Queen Vic cousins Phil and Grant.
A NORTH FIELD security company is shaking off the thuggish image of bouncers after winning a national award.
Her appearance on Trevor McDonald's Tonight programme where she insisted the thuggish Chapman was "definitely not a wife beater" was the best performance of her career to date.
A Whitehall insider said: "The Home Secretary is determined not to let the thuggish behaviour of a minority spoil communities for the law-abiding majority."
CHRIS Noth (aka Big) thought his number was up when he was accosted by a thuggish type while filming in New York's Bronx.
Frail old people were among the victims of a string of incidents that left a trail of damage across the estate Staffordshire Police said they were investigating "thuggish behaviour" and criminal damage affecting families in Thorneyfields Lane, Dexton Rise, Delamere Lane, Weaver Drive, Tamar Grove, Kimberley Way, Sycamore Lane, Castle Bank, Newport Road and Aspen Croft.
Some are moronically bad, like twins Luke and Alan, thuggish toerags who react to authority with their fists.