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But I do know that until something is done to stop yobs parading the streets with dogs as emblems of their thuggishness and in a bid to intimidate others, there will only be more of these horrific cases.
Off they go, repeating and rehashing the same charmless old nonsense, thievery, thuggishness, and self-pity: all Scouse characteristics.
But a captivating first half never crossed the boundary into thuggishness.
Obscenity and foulness are the prerequisites of thuggishness and brutality," he said.
It has increasingly exhibited the worst elements of Big Labor thuggishness toward the rank and file.
Clearly he knew that a photo of him in the papers every day en route to his wife's grave with a bunch of flowers might make the judge who sentenced him on Tuesday see his blatant thuggishness in a different light.
Not that a captivating first half ever threatened to cross the boundary into thuggishness.
Her warning comes at the end of a week which has seen several Premiership clubs under fire for brutality and thuggishness on and off the pitch.
No one in Barcelona for the away game with Andorra in March will forget the visceral thuggishness England fans unleashed on their own that foul night.
But it has largely ignored the violent crimes which are a direct result of excessive drinking and a culture of thuggishness.
He has reverted to the age of the brute and threatens to drag all of us with him, if we do not condemn him wholeheartedly for his thuggishness.
With their positive messages and anti-drug school tours, Big Brovaz were a welcome relief from the gun-toting thuggishness of their chart rivals.