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Unfortunately, shaven heads are equated by some morons as a sign of thuggishness.
Forthcoming qualitative research on these groups suggests that there are growing cultures among BGLO undergraduates that extol anti-intellectualism, hyper-masculinity, thuggishness and promiscuity over scholarship and gentlemanliness.
Cons: If you go by his second-most-prominent media appearances these days--filling in for Paul Harvey's folksy radio commentary--Thompson's worldview is a combination of tough-guy thuggishness and "bomb the bastards" foreign policy.
Black Thunder" is all heaviness for the sake of heaviness, celebrating a thuggishness that is decidedly dumb but not cartoonishly stupid.
The all-male environment engendered a brute thuggishness that was a cheap way to command the attention of young boys.
Though he may lack Oliver Reed's air of intelligent menace, Jamie successfully projects a mix of thuggishness, self pity and native cunning appropriate for a modestly successful villain, the perfect foil for Fagin's (Ben Kingsley) wiliness.
We also tend to overlook the fact that thuggishness is an integral, not an accidental, feature of Marxism.
Sadr's followers, despite many faults, including thuggishness and misogyny, are central to creating what order there is in this ravaged ghetto.
I will be as livid in Lisbon at their thuggishness as I was stunned in Stuttgart all those years ago.
Chapter 5 exposes the worldly monks whom Rahula's reinterpretation of the Dharmapalite vision spawned a litany of monastic bad faith including crime, self-promotion, thuggishness, xenophobia, will-to-power, war-mongering, and lax discipline.
Today, more than 20,000 NATO troops still remain, (24) but ethnic intolerance continues to rage, with daily assaults and frequent murders; thuggishness and organized crime grow virtually unchecked.
This seems a tall order for anyone, regardless of his or her thuggishness or choice of footwear.