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The result is a clumsy botch job, a series of extremely dense, stocky, and inelegant blocks crammed into the site, with a grim postage stamp of public space in the middle; in order to distract from this thuggishness, Piano decided to color the entire thing in lurid yellows, oranges, and greens.
It seems to me that, today, it is an indisputable fact that discipline has become a very dirty word, and we, as a nation, are consequently breeding a society of ill bred, ill behaved children, where thuggishness is not only permitted, but almost encouraged by this outrageous attitude.
For them, Ahmedinejad's thuggishness represents not the ideals of the Islamic Revolution but its perversion.
Her manner - bare-knuckled thuggishness. Her material - mendacious, calculating, and shameless.
One vignette of this momentum-free movie unwittingly exemplifies the female cluelessness that has made Britain's schools a dystopia of juvenile male thuggishness. When one of her students starts punching other boys, does Poppy punish him?
Likewise, the tricky tone of good will remains smooth, except in an off-putting sequence whose flashy editing appears to equate the thuggishness of some village boys--the proverbial few bad apples--to scarcely defined Sri Lankan religious practice.
Though Mr Kaufmann never shies away from the dark side of Orangeism, including details of intimidation and other unpalatable acts of thuggishness, he also stresses the extent to which the Order was a potent force for restraint throughout 'The Troubles', even when its members were targeted by the IRA.
In addition to the weakening of fraternal bonds, BGLOs must adequately address the growing narrow-mindedness among some collegians about what it means to be a "real man" or "real woman." Forthcoming qualitative research on these groups suggests that there are growing cultures among BGLO undergraduates that extol anti-intellectualism, hyper-masculinity, thuggishness and promiscuity over scholarship and gentlemanliness.
"Black Thunder" is all heaviness for the sake of heaviness, celebrating a thuggishness that is decidedly dumb but not cartoonishly stupid.
The all-male environment engendered a brute thuggishness that was a cheap way to command the attention of young boys.
Though he may lack Oliver Reed's air of intelligent menace, Jamie successfully projects a mix of thuggishness, self pity and native cunning appropriate for a modestly successful villain, the perfect foil for Fagin's (Ben Kingsley) wiliness.
It also speaks to its inherent thuggishness. This cannot be emphasized too much.