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A valuable feature of this book is the "Editor's Note" at the beginning of each debate, which serves as a thumbnail sketch introducing each selection.
A thumbnail sketch of Irish civil servants as friendly, laid back but very astute is patronising indeed.
A thumbnail sketch of each project follows, with more detailed overviews in the Appendix.
The following profiles give a thumbnail sketch of how multimedia hardware and software are being used in three districts around the country.
THE Sunday Mercury article 'Breeding ground for fanatics' - a thumbnail sketch of Birmingham's Muslim youth - presented a false image of the whole by focusing only on a tiny part of this community.
This is a thumbnail sketch of Randolph Trumbach's first volume of an ambitious and sustained exploration of sexuality in eighteenth-century London.
So his method of contending with the issues in his book, while incorporating statistics where appropriate, is to give a thumbnail sketch of an individual's theories (Foucault, Derrida, Bloom, deMan -- you name it) that is marvelously clear, and then to show how someone else took a bit from here, a bit from there, and moved "forward" (though the reader is often left wondering about the direction, as Kernan wishes).
The first of these provides a thumbnail sketch of Darwin's career and then treats successively three topics that are central to understanding evolution: genetic variation, natural selection, and the history of life.
Father Mohammed, a Jesuit priest, devotes the first chapter to an orthodox thumbnail sketch of Islamic history, scripture, and belief.
Many of the items on display have been used to illustrate this new A4-sized, 60-page museum guide, which serves a dual purpose as a thumbnail sketch of British racing itself.
In his book The Moral Animal, Robert Wright provides a thumbnail sketch of how this process might work:
Develop a thumbnail sketch of the company, including its business, its industry, its size and the names of key officers.