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TV's Gaby Roslin posted a thumbs-up snap of her children Libbi-Jack, 13, and Amelie, seven.
I'M FINE: Baby gives thumbs-up on scan; STUNNED: dad Paul with Sam
Halliwell is picking up a reported pounds 500,000 for her role and has already caused a minor controversy when Walsh said she insisted on giving the thumbs-up to ``cute'' boys even if they couldn't sing.
She was captivated by the movie, giving it an unqualified thumbs-up and reckoning it to be up there with Beauty And The Beast.
Like a lot of others, she's got a coffin rattling in her head; she paints and waits for a thumbs-up from the sweet Jewish guy who invented the Zip.
In unrelated news, fracking has been given a Government thumbs-up.
I passed it around clients who have extremely sensitive skin and they all gave it a thumbs-up.
No one calls in except to give the usual thumbs-up or -down opinion, but the DJs quickly tell the listeners that the band is from Russia and let it be known, in so many words, that they don't think much of the band because they aren't American.
Bookies have have given Manchester City keeper David James the thumbs-down but Sven Goran Eriksson the thumbs-up after Wednesday's debacle in Denmark.