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A series of quick turns (and ducks on my part) brought the Thumper in ahead, and the crew let out whoops and high-fives.
Susan wants to blab; Dave needs an ear; and Thumper just brags about his manliness.
Thumper loves fish while Mischief prefers meat but they both love I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
One dealer I know is asking pounds 240 for Thumper on his own
Firstly, Thumper, our ram from last year, took a one-way magical mystery tour which ended at the abattoir.
Dodging around children and grandmothers alike, I found a stuffed Thumper for a young niece and Goofy for an old neighbor of mine, $20 for the two.
Woodland friends Thumper, Flower, Friend Owl and Faline return too, along with new chums, including Thumper's little sisters.
The only product that will not feature the new cap is Old Thumper Extra Special Ale which will continue to be crowned with its traditional "boar's head" cap.
THUMPER was more than a just a pet to autistic teenager Nicolas Wilby.
Survival rates for the two groups was the same but the AT-101(TM) group showed significantly better cardiac function and less signs of inflammation hours after resuscitation than the Thumper group.
Thumper I'd never X-rayed a llama before but the process was the same as for a horse.
Steve Black will be in the home dressing-room as official tub thumper and motivator as well as the guy to warm up the players.