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She added: ``I've reported it to the police and the RSPCA just in case but I'm convinced someone must have stolen Thumper as a Christmas present or a truly malicious prank.
The animal, named Thumper after it gave one of its rescuers a nasty kick in the leg, was pulled from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, in Leeds, on Sunday evening.
Utaha and Thumper are both the progeny of Derryharney Outstanding, bought in October 1999 for 18,000gns, who runs between Peter's Pedr herd and John's Gwenog herd at the home farm, Ty Cam, just outside the Teifi Valley village of Llanwenog.
Thumper is by the 18,000gns Derryharney Outstanding and he was sold in a joint split to Perthshire neighbouring breeders Adrian Ivory, Islabank, Meigle and Bill Bruce, Balmyle.
brewed Old Thumper within reach of American palates.
If we had another Thumper she might look and feel like the original but almost certainly wouldn't act like her.
McCoy then went one better for his boss Jonjo O'Neill on Thumper.
It was late in the day last Thursday when Peter's young prize bull Pedr Thumper CH28 sold for 31,000gns to Perthshire neighbours Adrian Ivory, and Meigle and Bill Bruce.
Thumper is still the most popular rabbit name, followed by Flopsy.
The Bambi line will include the lovable main character, Bambi, and his rabbit friend Thumper, and Rajah the tiger and Abu the monkey will be created from "Aladdin.