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John Terry had a legitimate moan that his challenge on Garcia was thumpingly fair, only for Graham Poll to call it as foot-up 22 yards from goal and in prime position for the likes of Riise and Steven Gerrard.
Paul Kaye is hugely popular club DJ Frankie Wild, whose lifetime of thumpingly loud music, drink and drugs destroys his hearing.
Pemex has also profited hugely from thumpingly high oil prices: revenues in 2004 flew up by around 18 percent to almost US$70 billion, and there is every chance that the price of oil will remain high.
Often the joke is achieved by a po-faced conjunction of the grandiloquent and the thumpingly mundane.
Personally, I have doubts as to whether Stanley and Livingstone could ever have been the perfect polar opposites that Dugard would have us believe they were, but for all the beefed-up and overworked contrasts (Livingstone's quest is for God, Stanley's glory) this is a thumpingly good truth-is-stranger-than-fiction jungle yarn.
And just as a solitary man is left pondering this state of affairs in his pajamas, chomping a biscuit while thumpingly elephantine footsteps punctuate the soundscape of the play, the scene shifts, a "pow" or two is heard, and a burglary is taking place: A newlywed Tokyo couple in quest of a Big Mac who are happy to pay for their large Cokes since they are "stealing bread, nothing else.
This combines inhibition of liberties with thumpingly bad design.
The Countess Gemini for all her carefully engineered oddity is dead on target in accruing Isabel of not being "simple enough", and in counseling her--the cards having been so to speak laid thumpingly on the table--to "feel a little wicked for the comfort of it for once in your life
The film is something like the band's music: thumpingly hilarious through the first two choruses of a tune, then just thumping for the final six.
Performed on a cartoonish-coloured, low-fi set - topped by a celluloid curl which contains the thumpingly good band, the show is bursting with energy and the action ticks along at a happy pace.
Kicking off with the Wretch 32-featuring R&B pop punch of the horn-bolstered Stop, the likes of Count On You pay homage to her past but are thumpingly modern.
But suddenly he simply sliced through the trio in front and put daylight behind him as he produced a fast, slick and flawless jump at the final flight before scampering up the hill in that willing way of his to beat Cue Card a thumpingly impressive four and a half lengths.