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For some minutes the rain continued to rattle upon the skylight, and the thunder gave another shake or two; but it was evident from the clearing of the darkness and the light drumming of the rain upon the roof, that the great confused ocean of air was travelling away from them, and passing high over head with its clouds and its rods of fire, out to sea.
Sometimes one would look up to smile to another, or to snuff the feeble candle, or to glance at the lightning as it shot through the open window and fluttering curtain, or to listen to some louder peal of thunder than the rest, with a kind of momentary impatience, as if it put him out; but there they sat, with a calm indifference to everything but their cards, perfect philosophers in appearance, and with no greater show of passion or excitement than if they had been made of stone.
The storm had raged for full three hours; the lightning had grown fainter and less frequent; the thunder, from seeming to roll and break above their heads, had gradually died away into a deep hoarse distance; and still the game went on, and still the anxious child was quite forgotten.
The thunder, which seemed in fact much nearer, and to shiver and break almost over their heads, having subsided, Monks, raising his face from the table, bent forward to listen to what the woman should say.
The SHC Greens take on Karachi Bar Cricket Lawyers Club, while Pakistan Lawyers Cricket Association meet Thunder Wolves on the opening day of the competition.
After a hot sunny start to the day as pilgrims made their way from Mina to Arafat on the second day of Hajj, the weather suddenly changed in the afternoon with heavy rain and thunder storms.
Thunder took things for granted leaving Justus Okutoyi, Sila Derrick and Kennedy Okumu loose up court to hit the target earning Lakeside a shocking 13-7 first quarter lead.Thunder's forward Ancette Wafula, who was recruited from Ulinzi Warriors, and Terry Nate had to take responsibility to help their fancied side outscore Lakeside 16-10 in the second quarterto lock the scores at 23-23 at half-time.
The court was built through a partnership with the Thunder Cares Foundation and Enable Midstream.
The Thunder had seven players score in double figures.
Oldham opened the scoring with a close-range effort after capitalising on a Thunder mistake.
Thunder Park aims to take urban sports in Ireland to new heights with never before seen coaching and facilities.
In a heated arena, to the sound of the 'Thunder Drum', Lightning stepped out on court for their second match of the bank holiday double header and a fiery start to the match saw Lightning snatch a turnover, stealing Thunders first centre pass.