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With ten minutes to go in an edgy game, leading scorer Benteke (pictured) rose powerfully above Reading's Sean Morrison to thunderously head in Ashley Westwood's corner.
A recording of horses' hooves in a walk up to 5mph, at a trot up to 20mph, at a canter to 30mph and, thereafter, thunderously galloping.
And for years, as unforgettable as the aroma of beer on the way, was the sight of Hancock's great white dray horses thunderously cavorting on the banks of the Taff after a day's work hauling barrels to pubs as far away as Swansea.
Upon the poem's closing lines, which repeated yet again the two key phrases, the overcapacity audience in Cassell Coliseum immediately stood up and applauded thunderously.
Machar argued that in order to achieve genuine reconciliation, it would be better to focus on the future rather than focusing on the past, people who applauded thunderously when Uncle Malok talked about the same unity grumbled against the few who applauded Dr.
Yesterday, from dawn to dusk, Remingtons, Benellis and Mossbergs thunderously broke the silence of the forest, punctuating its stillness with bursts of buckshot and slugs.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) long awaited, much ballyhooed report on Iran's nuclear activities has been thunderously greeted in Washington as conclusive evidence that Iran is working on nuclear weapons.
At the end, the whole room stood and applauded thunderously after what I can categorically say is the best speech I've ever heard.
It's a surging, chiming, upbeat epic, almost thunderously enthusiastic," wrote Neil McCormick of the Daily Telegraph in a four-star review.
In 1898, Tolstoy wrote a thunderously conservative essay titled "What is Art?
At that time, Oprah held her hand and the crowd applauded thunderously.
Just about everything addictively compulsive about jumping had rallied thunderously up the far rail on Friday in the shape of Midnight Chase and on the following day Woolcombe Folly, Time For Rupert, Cue Card and Menorah all produced performances of lip-smacking promise.