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While Angus was the public face of the band, Malcolm was renowned for being behind the famous riffs that left fans thunderstruck.
Indeed, the day before they took on Wales in the 2015 World Cup quarter-final they trained with ACDC's Thunderstruck echoing around Twickenham.
It will release another interactive children's episode next month, from its Buddy Thunderstruck series.
Thunderstruck had disclosed the terms of the deal in a news release dated August 8, 2016.
The band had been performing barnstorming Celtic versions of hits such as Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk and AC/DC's Thunderstruck when coppers PC Neil Rathbone, who plays bagpipes, and guitarist PC Norman Campbell were invited to join in.
We were relieved that evening, and the following morning I met Paddy, who was thunderstruck to see me.
Set against a backdrop of warring households, a young Romeo sneaks into a masked ball where he first beholds Juliet and is thunderstruck by Cupid's arrow.
Elizabeth McCracken, a faculty member at the University of Texas, Austin, has won the USD20,000 Story Prize for her short story collection Thunderstruck and Other Stories, news company the Guardian revealed on Thursday.
I am thunderstruck, astounded and just astonished at the generosity of the British public," he told viewers and the live audience as the show wrapped up at 2am.
John Mandel's Station Eleven , Elizabeth McCracken's Thunderstruck & Other Stories , Richard Powers's Orfeo , Marilynne Robinson's Lila , and Jane Smiley's Some Luck .
Like some not-so-childish jokes and AC/DC's spunky track Thunderstruck setting up a scene as Dusty and his team of fire fighters gear up to put out a wildfire in Piston Peak National Park.
A collection of short stories with subject matter as depressing as that in Thunderstruck runs the risk of being rejected by readers who find that stories of loss and death are already numerous in life--so what need for them in fiction?